Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final Photo Critique


1. From:

This photo really caught my eye. It looks like someone painted the flower. There is a warm feeling to this photo, good detail and clarity. Really a stunning image. I would reduce clarity in the backround to enhance the flowers color even more.

2. From:

This photo is lacking life, and vibrancy. One way she could better this photo is to make sure that the sunlight catches the ducks eye. I would warm up the photo, enhance the contrast, clarity and exposure.

3. From:

I like this photo alot, there is a warm vibrent feel, and one's eyes are attracted to the centure focal paint. The color contrast between the sky blue and the mustered brown branches make the photo stand out. In all a quality photo. 

4. From:

 I like the simplicity and black& white contrast. This s a really amazing image, for the tree vines/branches provide the horizontal lines with less clarity to focus on the water drop.

5. From:

I really like this image, it is tranquil and a beautiful fishing sunset. I like how the fisherman is casting into the sun, dispersing behind the mountain. the colors in this photo draw attention to the fisherman's silhouette. 

6. From:

 I like how the eye has light, how the duck is almost posing for the photo. I think by making the duck the main focal point with the background in blur was a good choice. This is a good photo due to the amout of light at hand.

 7. From:

I really like this photo, and the creativity it took to capture this image. The white snow creates a very nice contrast. It looks like the ice is alive, and captured the tree branch. I would crop this photo ever so slightly more.

8.  From:

I think this is one of the most skilled photos taken this semester. This photo of him catching a rainbow trout, in shallow waters on a sunny day, set it up for a good photo. He had to hold the fish and take the photo. (Skillful) I like the quality and detail in the image. 

9. From

This photo is simple but a good landscape photo. There is a good quality of light, detail and clarity. I like how you can see the waters previous water levels, shadows and sky color. The river looks like it is moving due to the great use of horizontal lines.

10.  From:

This image is beautiful and eye catching. I like how there are a variety of colors and how the backround complements the foreground. I would ass more saturation, exposure and clarity.